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Zapya is a tool with which you can send files to other users quickly and easily.
Eigentlich, die Dateiübertragungsgeschwindigkeit ist etwa 100-fach schneller als das, was Sie mit Bluetooth bekommen würden.

Die Zapya Schnittstelle ist einfach und intuitiv.
Damit können Sie Dateien in Sekunden senden.
There are different screens for different types of files: one for images, one for videos, one for music, and one for apps.
Just click on the file you want to send and choose the appropriate option.

Once you've chosen the file or files you want to send, users can connect to the group you've created.

When they do, they can download the file at approximately 10 megabytes per second.
Na sicher, you can send files to other Android devices, other computers, or even iOS devices like iPhones or iPads.

Zapya is an excellent tool for transferring files, and it's very similar to Xender.
The way they work, in fact, is almost identical..


Zapya APK is published by DewMobile at 2017-05-09. Die neueste Version ist 4.8 (US) und die Arbeit an 4.0.3, 4.0.4 und up. Bewertet 5.0/5 durch 3.

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