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Viber, que originalmente fue llamado Viber – Llamadas gratuitas, es una aplicación que es similar a Skype.
Con eso, usted puede enviar mensajes de texto y hacer llamadas de teléfono de forma gratuita, siempre y cuando usted tiene una conexión a Internet.

Gracias a Viber, puede compartir los mensajes de texto, fotografías, messages with videos or voice, locations, emoticons, and tags.
De hecho, within the app, you can find a sticker store where you can find new tags to buy and use in conversations.

Once you install the app on your device, all you have to do is let it access your contact list, and in a matter of seconds you can start calling with pretty good audio quality and no expenses except the Internet service.
It's better if this connection is WiFi or 3G, since using this app with a data plan can be more expensive than using the phone.

A positive element is that besides the mobile app, it has a client for Windows and Mac.

Gracias a esto, you can continue your conversations on your computer, making and receiving calls no matter where you are.

Viber is a good alternative in the wide range of instant messaging apps for Android.
Its audio quality during calls is pretty good by general standards..


Viber APK is published by Viber Media at 2017-06-05. La última versión es y trabajar en 4.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.2 y arriba. puntuación 4.3/5 por 31.

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