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8 Ball Pool APK Description

8 Ball Pool is a pool game for Android that allows you to play against people from all over the world through the Internet in turn-based games to see who is the best.

Gameplay in 8 Ball Pool is very similar to any other pool game.
You use your finger to aim the cue, and swipe it forward to hit the ball in the direction that you want.
Da li, you need to try and beat your opponent by following the rules set from the first pocketshooting the striped or solid balls.

When you win games, you also win coins.
You can use those coins outside of games to buy different upgrades for your cue.

At the beginning, it will be plain wood, but soon you can add new things to bring real style to your match-ups.

8 Ball Pool is a pool game with solid gameplay, where you can play against your Facebook friends or random opponents over the Internet.
The game also has excellent, well-made graphics..


8 Ball Pool APK is published by Miniclip at 2017-03-10. L'ultima versione è 3.9.1 e lavorare su 4.0.3, 4.0.4 e su. nominale 4.2/5 di 34.

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