ESエクスプローラAPK無料でダウンロードファイル!! ES File Explorer APK Description ES File Explorer is a great tool for managing files and programs. それは、このような実行中のアプリケーションを殺すためのツールなどの追加機能の多くが付属しています, ダイレクト雲ドライブストレージ (Dropboxの経由, グーグルドライブ, またはSkyDriveの), and an FTP client so you […]

Zapya APK

Zapya APK free download!! Zapya APK Description Zapya is a tool with which you can send files to other users quickly and easily. 実際には, the file transfer speed is approximately 100x faster than what you would get with Bluetooth. The Zapya interface is simple and intuitive. It lets you send files in seconds. There […]


Lucky Patcher APK free download!! Lucky Patcher APK Description Lucky Patcher is an app that gives you real control over the permissions you give to the apps installed on your Android. You can delete excessive advertising, change the permissions, create backups of other apps, そして、はるかに. そうは言うものの, you do need a rooted device […]


File Manager APK free download!! File Manager APK Description File Manager is a file management app for Android that allows you to work with your files in a similar way to how you would do it on a computer, supporting functions like copying, pasting, and cropping. The app supports local and remote file systems. You […]