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Facebook Lite APK Description

Facebook Lite is an official Facebook client that lets you use this popular social network through a much lighter app that's better suited for low-power Android devices or ones with limited Internet connections.

The first thing that stands out about Facebook Lite is that the app takes up about 250 kilobytes on your memory once installed.
This means that it occupies a hundred times less space than the normal Facebook app
and still has all the features you need from it.

Besides this drastic size reduction, Facebook Lite offers other interesting advantages for users with limited Internet connections.

The app is expressly designed to work over 2G networks, so it lets you access your profile and communicate with your friends while consuming hardly any data.

Facebook Lite is an excellent alternative to the usual Facebook client that lets you use this social network on less powerful devices and over very weak Internet connections..


Facebook Lite APK is published by Facebook at 2017-06-07. De nieuwste versie is en werken aan 2.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2 en omhoog. Beoordeeld 4.1/5 door 53.

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