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QuickShortcutMaker APK Description

QuickShortcutMaker is a very simple application that does exactly what its name suggests: creates shortcuts on the desktop of your Android device.
You can create shortcuts to applications as well as processes and activities.
This means that you can create a shortcut to WhatsApp just as easily as you can create a shortcut to an operating system that you normally don't have easy access to.

One of the strengths of QuickShortcutMaker is that it lets you customize your shortcuts.

You can choose the icon as well as the name of the shortcut, which makes it easy to mask shortcuts if you so choose.

QuickShortcutMaker is an application that offers more than what you expect at first glance.
It's ideal for quickly accessing your application menus and settings..


QuickShortcutMaker APK is published by sika524 at 2016-05-12. De nieuwste versie is 2.4.0 en werken aan 1.6 en omhoog. Beoordeeld 5.0/5 door 6.

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