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Retrica is a photo app that allows you to apply different filters to your photos, just like Instagram does.
Echter, unlike Instagram, Retrica will allow you to apply those filters in real time, so you can see how a photo will look even before you take it.

In totaal, Retrica includes more than eighty different filters with many different styles, although all of them have a 'vintage' spin to them.
You will find filters with sepia tones, black and white tones, muted tones, enz.
There are definitely filters for all different tastes and (almost) every color.

In addition to being able to take normal photos, you can also make photo collages in Retrica just by selecting that option.

You can take single photos or take up to nine consecutive snapshots in order to create a fun, original composition.

Retrica also includes other options like artificial shading (also included in Instagram) or a timer, which allows you to take photos using a tripod.

Retrica is an excellent photo app.
After triumphing in iOS, where it became one of the main points of reference in the category, it has now arrived to Android and it offers some very nice, completely free features..


Retrica APK is published by at 2017-05-29. De nieuwste versie is 4.1.2 en werken aan 5.0 en omhoog. Beoordeeld 4.3/5 door 12.

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