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Spotify APK offers the free listening option with the new shuffle mode which is supported with ads. However, people can also subscribe for the premium mode which becomes the door for enjoying various great services including on demand playback, commercial free listening, and unlimited skips. There is no doubt that this app can be one of the best music service for the smart phone which people can find these days because there are some great advantages which people can get from this music streaming space.


However, people maybe will also be able to find some drawbacks form this Spotify music streaming app compared to other services. They will not find the optional informative DJ’s by Slacker Radio. There is no way people can enjoy the live radio from Spotify APK Android app. There is no lyric support which can be found from this app as well. Nevertheless, people can still find that this mobile music streaming option can be the best option which people can download and install on their smart phone. The free download support can be one of the biggest reasons for sure.

Some Features of Spotify Music APK for Android

  • Listen for free on mobile
  • Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode
  • Listen for free on tablet
  • Play any song, any time

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File size: 28.9 MB, Free Game by Spotify Ltd., Updated: December 10, 2016

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